Tips To Determine Which Color Sweater Works For Your Skin Tone

Have you ever purchased an outfit only to get home, finally wear it in front of a mirror that you feel comfortable with, and realize it’s just not...working? There’s something off. It’s not the pattern, it’s not the fit, it’s the - that’s it - the color! The color just doesn’t seem to match your skin tone. You love the color but sometimes the love of a color can’t always overpower if it works against your natural skin pigment. But it’s okay, we’ve all been there! Here are a few tips that can help you make the right choice the next time you’re looking for that perfect color clothing. 


The Vein Test

No need for some fancy chart or hire some fashion consulate, your guidance is actually right in front of you! That is if your wrist is right in front of you as you read this.

Source: Showpo

As the chart shows, if you look at the veins in your wrist and they look blue, your skin tone is cool. If your veins appear greenish, your skin tone is warm. And if your veins appear purple or even close to red, your skin tone is neutral (or “olive”). Of course, doing this under more natural light will help gage a more correct answer.


The Blank Paper Test


Another nifty way to decipher your skin tone is by using a blank piece of paper and placing it directly next to your face while looking in the mirror. First, you should wash any lotions and makeup from your face so you can view your natural appearance. Then, while comparing your skin tone to a white blank piece of paper, you’ll start to truly tell which color your skin is naturally; warm, cool, or neutral.

Source: Wikihow

If your skin looks yellowish, your skin tone is warm. If your skin appears rosy, pink or blue-ish, your skin tone is cool. If your skin appears gray, your skin tone is neutral. Also know that if your skin is neutral, that’s actually a good thing! It just means really most colors on the cool to warm spectrum can potentially look good on you! 


The Skin Tone Color Palette


Now that you’ve figured out if you’re a cool kinda person, a warm kinda person, or a neutral kinda person, let’s help you figure out which colors work for those categories. Below are some handy charts you can use that are super helpful! Maybe even bookmark this page the next time you’re on the fence about purchasing an outfit.


First, let’s start with the stronger pigments within the warm and cool color families. You can see how a lot of these are close to the primary.

Source: Pinterest


An example of a WARM sweater from YeMak, available here.


An example of a COOL sweater from YeMak, available here.


Then there are the neutral pigments, more washed and relaxed. 

An example of a NEUTRAL sweater from YeMak, available here.

And there you have it! You’ve figured out your skin tone and how to choose the right color clothing to match! Now that you can finally purchase sweaters, cardigans and more with confidence, check out the collection of clothing YeMak has to offer for any occasion (and for any skin tone!).